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    The main activities of our company since its foundation have been development, manufacture, installation, service and projection of our own air-engineering and air-conditioning equipment. The company puts emphasis on its own development which is ensured by the company resources and EU funds. Our firm makes long-term investments in application research and development of air-conditioning devices, it has its own design department which works on the application research of new air-conditioning devices. All the products sold by the company are the products of its own development.

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  • Efective, ecological and technically advanced solutions

    FIVING, s.r.o. offers solutions in preparation heat for the central heating and hot water and cooling for a variety of objects, such as: apartment buildings, family houses, production facilities, multipurpose buildings, hotels, servers room, data centers and others. It is a new building, as well as the rehabilitation and reconstruction of existing facilities, where investors are presenting an efficient and ecological solutions to reduce operating costs.

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  • Innovation

    Our company carries out investment in new technologies in line with the strategic objectives of the company so as to be able internally provide the entire production process of air-engineering and air-conditioning equipment. The own possibilities of the production technology provide maximum flexibility to satisfy customer requirements on the basis of designed devices as well as the possibility of rapid innovation in the design of the manufactured equipment.

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Design solution

Our design and engineering department prepapre an ideal solution for your requirements.              

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Production capacities using the latest methods and equipment for the construction of the proposed facilities.              

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Montage and service

Our subsidiary company FIVINGTherm provide complete installation and servicing of our products.

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"The objective of our company is to maintain its position on the Slovak market and increase its share on the European Union markets and successfully compete with foreign manufacturers.
The precondition for achieving these objectives is to ensure product quality and to keep the contractual delivery dates.
In this respect it is very important for the company to have, to the maximum extent, the possibility of influencing the following necessary inputs for production and to be able to regulate them:

• maximum production flexibility
• quality
• delivery date
• high-level quality"
Ing. Dezider Machovec

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